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Swavesey Women’s Institute

 Deborah Walker’s  “Something Sweet” demonstration on February 13th was a brilliant, demonstration of how to create an “Anti-Gravity cake from a simple sponge. Have a look through the pictures, to see her creation take shape, stage by stage.

 The “Blue Peter” one I made earlier

First, a thin coat of icing, give it time to set while I explain everything else…

Make sure the straw, stick or tube is long enough.

And the second thin coat of icing. Two thin coats means no crumbs.

Fun part - Chocolate buttons and fingers

A dab more icing to make sure the last ones stick and they are all straight.

Tape your empty bag (stuffed with tissue) or chocolate box,Smartie tube etc. to the stick, push into the cake and straighten it up.

Fold a tiny greaseproof paper icing cone, stir the chocolate, fill the cone and coat the straw with chocolate.Or use a knife.

Put tiny dabs of melted chocolate on the mini-eggs, stick them to the base of the straw. Start building them from the bottom up

Hold your breath as the last one goes on. Please don’t fall apart

A big sigh of relief, and lots of applause as the whole thing stays together - Brilliant !

The finished cake, looking amazing, and some others that Deborah made previously, to give us ideas

Take a well deserved bow, Deborah.

The chocolate finger chick egg was donated as a raffle prize,which made one of our members very happy.