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Paris, June 2017

Sadly, this was to be Margo's last entry onto our WI blog as she died very suddenly at the end of July.

Margo was an enthusiastic and popular member of our Women's Institute and we all miss her.

Together with her husband Derek, she set up Swavesey WI’s website and we are delighted that Derek is going to continue to be our webmaster.

May 2017

A week into May, and we are still waiting for some consistent warm weather. We are teased by the sunny days that still have a cold wind blowing through them,  or when we start our day walking with a  light fleece, then come home with it tied around the waist-again. But more sunny days than not, so summer is on the way.

Along with the sunshine comes thoughts of protecting and looking after our skin, and our speakers for May, Angela Metcalfe and Caron Brooks gave us a demonstration of their fresh and natural “Tropic” beauty products. Made only from natural  fruit, herbs and flowers such as Avocado oil, blueberry extract, rose geranium oil, cucumber juice and green tea extracts, they are suitable for even the most delicate skin types. I was treated to a mini-facial, and the feel and smell of the products was a lovely experience. See the “Tropic” page in the Gallery for a look at their products and  for details of how to contact Angela.

Having got our skin sorted out, our June speakers will be  tickling our taste buds with a Spanish Cookery Demonstration from the Spanish Amandas. So come along and see if it’s going to be Paella, Tortilla, Gazpacho or something completely different?

Previous Blogs:

April 2017

Well, what can I say about April, except that it has been all things to all people. After fooling us by starting off warm and gentle enough to do our walk in a tee-shirt, it is drawing to an end with wind, rain and hailstones. The window cleaning and kitchen painting are on hold-again - until the weather finally decides to be kinder to us. It has been said that Britain has one of the most unpredictable weather systems anywhere in the world, and it’s living up to it’s name at the moment.

Despite our weird weather, our last speaker, Miranda de Vries got us all smiling as she taught us some simple head-to-toe  “Pilates on a Chair” exercises. There was lots of laughter as we learned to breath, move and stretch from head to toe, and especially when we learned how to relax by moving and stretching our facial muscles. From arm stretches to toe twiddles, our whole body got a workout, all without leaving our chairs. I’ve certainly found it useful to stretch out when I’ve found myself slouching over the computer.

After looking after our body, we can give our faces a treat with our next speakers. Angela Metcalf and Caron Brooks will be giving us a Beauty Demonstration at our next meeting on 8th May. So if you want to be both fit and glowing for the upcoming holiday season, put the date in your diary.

March 2017

We’re now in the last week of March, and it’s certainly been a mostly wet and windy month. Although it’s provided some small excuse for not tackling the windows yet, or painting the kitchen (it would just get muddy before it got dry), it doesn’t change the fact that they still need doing.  We have had a few days of sun here and there, but let’s hope that when the last days of the month have blown out, that the weather cheers up!

One thing that definitely cheered one of our members up was a free facial and massage.  Kristen Ellory was unable to attend our meeting on the 13th March, but we were able to get Sarah Thorneycroft, who runs the Swavesey Younique Beauty Rooms to step in at short notice and do a talk and demonstration on how to look after our skin. One of our members volunteered to lay on the warm, comfortable salon treatment bed that Sarah had brought along, and be pampered, skin cleansed and have a facial massage.

Sarah talked us through the treatment, telling us what each of the cleansers, toners, creams and skin tonics were used for, and gave us some advice on simple day and night routines for our skin.  The rest of us looked on wishing we could swap places with the lucky volunteer. If you want a little peek at our volunteer being pampered, have a look at the Younique page in the Gallery.

Our next speaker on 10th April 2017 is the first of our new 2017/18  W.I. Programme.

Continuing on the theme of “Looking after ourselves” - Miranda de Vries will be demonstrating how to do “Pilates on a Chair”. So, no excuses not to get fit and healthy.

Watch this space…


Editor (Margo)

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